SEEKER Detector

LANCHER Gold Detector

The most famous device in the world and the most widely used by prospectors for gold and precious metals underground, The LANCHER device .


The LANCHER device works with 5 modern scientific systems specialized in detecting gold, treasures and precious metals underground. These systems have been updated and developed over many years so that we now have an accurate and integrated scientific device that can deliver you to your targets in a short time.

The new look

a modern mechanical design and an ideal size that helps the prospector better to move around and perform detection operations very quickly.

The parts and accessories

The parts and accessories of the detection systems that are available with this device all come in one bag of standard size and weight that is more suitable for quick detection and exploration operations.

Ease of use

Ease of use in any electronic product is the first means of success for the user, and the LANCHER has been designed to be very easy to use, so all people can use this device in an uncomplicated manner at all, in addition to the flexibility of dealing with all systems of the device.

SEEKER Systems

All the transmitted and received signals in this device have been studied and tested by SEEKER Systems for many years, and we have relied on scientific and practical experiments on the ground. All illusory signals emanating from the soil.

LANCHER Features

Specialized for the detection of gold, treasures, minerals and underground voids. The high speed in locating the surrounding targets and verifying them with an accuracy of up to 99%, through the actual 5 detection systems in the device.

The advantage of comprehensive discrimination between the detected metals / knowledge of the depths of the detected targets.

This device is equipped with the new Power max 55 sensor, which is small and effective to detect targets quickly and with high response.

The device supports international language

Perfectly new and modern mechanical design and suitable size .

A smart and easy-to-handle control panel that contains the keys and buttons of the device.

The device is provided with modern and smart interfaces and drivers with the ability to save settings. And showing the necessary alerts when needed, in addition to the electronic guidance support that appears in the form of messages on the device screen.

Ease of handling the device / The method of working and using this device has been prepared in line with the majority of prospectors..

The device was provided with a modern, high-definition screen that is suitable for all day and night operating times.

Standard time for charging and use This product supports quick charge / 2 hours charge / 12 hours use.