GOLD miner

Q1 Detector

Q1 metal detectors , 3-3.5m depth of detection, adopt advanced technique and attach high quality components which have features of ground balance, good discrimination ability, wide detection range, accurate orientation, strong resolution and easy operation

Security inspection, public security organs’ ransack
Scan metal foreign matter in raw, fuel and foods
Scan metal articles in mail or luggage
Detect underground pipelines, cables
Archeology, mineral exploration, find underground metal articles

Product Description:

Good detection depth
MD-5002 1.5 m& MD5008 : 3.5 m(max detection depth)
Strong pinpointing performance Can penetrate the earth, the stone, the chinaware or other plastic and wooden material,which covered on the metal and find the metal exactly
Water and dust:Meets IEC 60529/IP 68 standards
Mainly function
a) Suitable to detect and distinguish metal buried in the earth b) Suitable for checking metal in food, fuel, and luggage c) Suitable for detecting underground pipes d) Suitable for mining and archeological digs
Adopt the intellectualized operation system
To distinguish if it’s the sound of ferrous via the earphone.