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P1 Detector

P1 Pin Pointer Metal Detector Fully Waterproof Portable Metal Detector for Adults Kids with LED Indicator Detector Vibration Beep and Woven Holster

360° all aspect detection with high sensitivity. The pinpointer metal detector is used for small target detection. It can quickly locate coins, jewelry, silverware and other metal objects. 360° rapid scanning covers large area,such as Indoor, outdoor, lawn, sand or soil.
IP68 waterproof design. The pin pointer part of the metal detector is waterproof. You can sink this part into the water to detect whether there is metal in the water.
Simple operation. One button is designed to quickly open the LED light. When the metal detector approaches a metal object, it automatically sounds an alarm and vibrates. The closer the metal detector is to the metal, the louder the alarm will be.
Small size and easy to carry. The pinpointer metal detector is designed to be the shape of flashlight for easy use. The weight is 0.54lb , which will not cause the burden of going out.
Complete packing. In addition to the detector, the product also includes lanyard, user manual and belt holster. Multiple accessories can be combined to protect the metal detector from outside damage.

Used with metal detectors

In general, the pin pointer should be used cooperatively with the scanning metal detector. The general metal detector needs moving to scan with higher sensitivity but the target position is often not accurate, so it is difficult for mining. You can use the pin pointer to determine the exact location of the target.

360° slide-scan pinpoint detection

The pin pointer can search and locate targets a full 360 degrees with the search/probe feature. You can check plugs or dirt piles removed from holes to pin point your find. You can even put the pin pointer into the hole and run it up and down the sides of the hole to find the target.

Perfect gift for kids

Being a treasure hunter in comics could be most children’s dream. The pin pointer is exquisite, lightweight and safe design, it will be the best choice for kids’ gifts, like kids birthdays, holidays and Christmas. Meanwhile, that will set your kids free outdoors instead of spending much time on their electronic equipment. Please don’t hesitate to buy it.

Product Description:

Operating Temperatures:-35°F(-37℃) to 158°F(70℃)
Operating frequency: 12kHz
Water and dust:Meets IEC 60529/IP 68 standards
Control: Power switch
Indicators:Proportional buzzer/vibration pulse rate
Tuning: Automatic